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Need a repair?

Clog Squad uses trenchless “no dig” technology for pipe lining repairs.  Our services provide full lining and patch sewer repair equipment and products.

What does that mean for a home or business owner? Noninvasive repair technologies that deal with:

Leaking lines
Sewer backups
Cracked water pipes
Tree roots 

Example of lined pipe

How does it work? Our trenchless sewer and piping repair services involve creating a new sewer line pipe inside of your existing pipe - without digging up your property. This saves hundreds, if not thousands,  of dollars often associated with main line repairs or replacement.

“Trenchless” means just that. We don’t need to dig up your yard or undergo extensive excavation to repair small point main sewer line or underground drain problems.

Sewer lining repairs a damaged pipe by creating a new pipe inside it. Some call it pipe rehabilitation or more simply ‘pipe rehab’. We can repair and reline your sewer in a variety of ways. A specialized epoxy resin can create a new pipe within your pipe or we can target a small area for coating or replacement.

No digging means no digging. The Cured-in-Place (CIPP) technology eliminates any need to excavate your yard for sewer line repairs. Materials offer long-lasting protection and  improved performance. Our highly trained technicians have worked on everything from minor repairs to total replacements, and can recommend the best no-dig course of action for your property.

Sewer line repairs

Cracked or leaking sewer pipes? No need to worry about having your yard ripped out to replace it. Technology has come a long way when it comes to sewer pipe repair.

At Clog Squad, we rely on PipePatch. Why?

PipePatch technology – Excellent and durable repairs for sectional pipe repair issues; from small point cracks, holes or localized damage in most sizes of sewer piping. With blown-in liners and cured with hot water, this method is the most common when it comes to minor to fairly moderate sewer line damage and repair.

Clog Squad PipePatch technologies are:

·        Environmentally-friendly

·        Cost-effective

·        Durable to extreme weather conditions

·        Long-lasting - specs tested for 50-year life span or more! 

 Target Liner Demo with Drum


If you believe you have underground pipes that are in any way damaged, call us for an underground sewer line inspection. 

Our video pipe inspection technologies can quickly identify backups or sewer line damage. What does that mean for you? Quickly finding:

·        Corrosion

·        Deterioration or damage caused by tree roots

·        Weakening and decline caused by aging processes 

Clog Squad can typically identify sewer line damage within one to two hours.

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